A trip to Switzerland

Our trip to the glorious country of Switzerland began on a crappy train (it was Croatian) in Ljubljana. From there we went through Austria and Lichtenstein (apparently that’s a country now, I thought it was a train strop, by the looks of it) and finally arrived in RichLand, I mean Switzerland.

Ena z vlaka, na poti v Švico. Exchange Week 2017: Swiss Excellence in Food Processing

Objavil/a IAAS Slovenija dne 25. april 2017


We immediately went, by foot, to ETH Zurich which sits atop of a small hill overlooking the city. The city is truly a sight to behold, the architectural style in Zurich is similar to that of a typical Bavarian town, if that town’s inhabitants were all rich bankers. The buildings look like they have been built Continue reading