A trip to Switzerland

Our trip to the glorious country of Switzerland began on a crappy train (it was Croatian) in Ljubljana. From there we went through Austria and Lichtenstein (apparently that’s a country now, I thought it was a train strop, by the looks of it) and finally arrived in RichLand, I mean Switzerland.

Ena z vlaka, na poti v Švico. Exchange Week 2017: Swiss Excellence in Food Processing

Objavil/a IAAS Slovenija dne 25. april 2017


We immediately went, by foot, to ETH Zurich which sits atop of a small hill overlooking the city. The city is truly a sight to behold, the architectural style in Zurich is similar to that of a typical Bavarian town, if that town’s inhabitants were all rich bankers. The buildings look like they have been built by people with alot of money, but no taste. After we took some photos of all the sights that you could see from university area, we waited, in the hot Swiss sun, for what seemed like hours until the Swiss guys/girls picked us up with their expensive Swiss cars. In Switzerland, it is illegal to drive cheap cars, so everyone either drives a bmw, mercedes or porche, or they walk. They drove us to Bulach, which is about 30 minutes away from Zurich. The name of the place sounds like someone barfing in Swiss German and is a daily reminder of the type of activities that Swiss students like to engage in. After the meet and greet in Bulaaaach (it really does sound strange if you have the phonetically correct pronunciation) with the Bulgarians (great guys and girls) the French girl and the Croatian we all went to some big festival in Zurich, but not before getting completely shitfaced with some of the 738 kg of beer the Swiss made us drink (I even put some in my backpack for later use). The festival in Zurich was as strange as it was great. All the Swiss people gather around the biggest square in Zurich to watch the burning of a snowman, while they dress in 17th Century clothing and parade their horses and trinkets around for all the commoners to see. After the snowman melted, which actually lasted quite a long time considering he was made of snow, we all went back to Bulach to have dinner and compare which rakija is better the Croatian one or the Bulgarian one (hint: it was not the Croatian).

All in all it was a great week, Switzerland is a great place although very expensive. They don’t use the Euro since they are too smart to enter into the EU, instead they use Swiss Francs but you can also use Nazi gold, as most places of commerce accept that as payment as well. 😀

Written by Anže Slukan